AISC Design Guide 15, Historical Shapes

Proposed Revisions Submitted to AISC in January 2015

Affecting  Buildings Designed & Erected -  September  1942  to  February 1946

Example of One Selected Proposed Revision:

  Existing Bending Stress Listed in Design Guide 15:
          20 KSI (1936 to 1963)

  Proposed Revision to Bending Stress:
          20 KSI  (1936 to 1942)
          24 KSI  (1942 to 1946)
          20 KSI  (1946 to 1963)

One Reason for the Proposed Revision:  Building structural steel (circa 1942 to 1946) being reviewed today is actually 20% more heavily loaded (24 KSI instead of 20 KSI) than Design Guide 15 advises.

Similar descrepancies are addressed in the proposed revisions concerning bolts, rivets and welds.

Complete Text of January 13, 2015, Email To AISC    (2 Pages, 50 KB,  .pdf)

Attachment 1 - Revisions To Allowable Stresses For Tension & Bending   (1 Page, 90 KB,  .pdf)

Attachment 2 - Revisions To Allowable Stresses For Rivets   (1 Page, 140 KB,  .pdf)

Attachment 3 - Revisions To Allowable Stresses For Unfinished Carbon Steel or A307 Bolts   (1 Pages, 140 KB,  .pdf)
Attachment 4 - Revisions To Allowable Stresses For Welds   (1 Page, 170 KB,  .pdf)

I received a prompt, professional response from AISC on January 14, 2015.  The proposed revisions have been forwarded to individuals responsible for updating the AISC Design Guides.  As of June 8, 2015, I have not been informed of any planned changes.

For reference, links to the pertinent AISC Specifications for Buildings are provided below:

AISC Specification For Buildings, Adopted 1936, Revised July 1941   (Hathi Trust Digital Library)

AISC Specification For Buildings, Adopted September 1942   (Internet Archive)

AISC Specification For Buildings, Adopted February 1946   (Hathi Trust Digital Library)

General Notes:
1.  The proposed revisions apply only to buildings,  bridges were not covered in the 1942 specification.
2.  The predecessor document to AISC Design Guide 15 is "AISC Iron And Steel Beams, 1873 To 1952".  This book was published in 1953, is in the Public Domain, and is available on at the link below.  The proposed revisions to Design Guide 15 apply to pages 8 and 9 of this 1953 book, also.

AISC Iron & Steel Beams, 1873 To 1952   (137 pages, 8.5 MB,  .zip)

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